Executive Documents provides an efficient and cost effective way to develop and execute strategic communications plans, research topics and best practices, produce high-quality written documents, and prepare leaders-in-training to communicate and write effectively.

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At Executive Documents, we view writing as both an art and a science. Based on the purpose and context of the communication (pragmatics), we select just the right words (semantics) to create powerful mental images, much like an artist picks paint colors or a composer chooses musical notes. We research the topic, organize the work logically, and apply the “scientific” rules of writing like grammar, syntax, and punctuation to every document we produce. This process allows us to deliver high-quality written work that gets results!

Executive Documents offers communications planning, best practices research, and professional writing services for results-driven leaders that turn your thoughts and ideas into powerful words with compelling messages.

Effective leaders strive to improve their organization’s ability to communicate, but may not have the staff or the resources to achieve this goal.  We help you fill this gap by specializing in:

  • Strategic communications plans that support your organization’s mission and core business. We assess community expectations, create meaningful goals, and develop a realistic execution strategy that increases awareness, informs, and builds trust with your stakeholders and constituents.

    We also prepare Crisis Communication Teams so they are ready to respond quickly and accurately when disaster strikes or the reputation of your organization is damaged.  Advanced planning minimizes your risk of embarrassing or even harmful miscommunication. Let us help you anticipate potential challenges and develop a straightforward crisis communications plan that is simple and easy to execute.

  • Professional research and writing services from conceptualization to the printed page. First, we analyze the literature in your industry for key points and best practices. Then we compose, edit, and proofread speeches, multi-media presentations and a wide range of documents – everything from white papers, policy statements, executive summaries and press releases to newsletters, campaign materials, blog entries, and editorials. Our flawless finished documents support your organizational initiatives and individual goals.

  • Writing and dissertation coaching for aspiring leaders to build your capacity to become an effective writer and communicator. Working collaborative one-on-one or in small groups, we focus on the successful completion of doctoral dissertations, complex grant proposals, journal articles, compliance reports, handbooks and manuals, and other documents that support your personal, professional, and organizational growth.